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Lady Gaga Proposes To Herself

Lady Gaga celebrated Valentine's Day by proposing to herself.

As famous faces took to social media with tributes for their other half, Gaga chose self love and said the idea that our affections are only shown on one day a year is "ridiculous".

Referring to a tradition which states that women can only propose to men on February 29, which comes around once every four years during a leap year, she said: "The idea that a woman can only propose to a man one day every four years is so completely ridiculous! Anyone who knows me knows that I believe any person of any gender identity should be able to express any act of love to anyone else on any day of any year.

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"So in an act of defiance of this outdated tradition, I decided to say yes to myself! And wear this ring today with pride to remind myself and everyone that the only permission you need to love comes from within you."

Gaga made the comments in defiance of the tradition that males should generally propose to their girlfriends, with the female only taking the lead during a leap year, such as 2020.


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"Lady Gaga celebrated Valentine's Day by proposing to herself."